Facilities and Purchasing

  • D211 is the largest high school district in the state of Illinois. Every day, the Facilities Operations Department works diligently to: 

    • Maintain eight buildings 
    • Maintain and clean 2.3 million square feet of floor space
    • Maintain 1.4 million square feet of roof space
    • Maintain 220 acres of grounds and landscaping
    • Process 10,000 work orders each year
    • Carry out an average of $10 million in construction projects for building remodeling and renovations each year

    Facilities Operations is responsible for every aspect of every school district building, including exterior District equipment and structures such as emergency generators, parking lots, athletic fields and more.

    Energy Management

    Facilities Operations is working hard to reduce operating costs by implementing energy conservation measures.  We're developing our Energy Conservation Program and inspiring D211 employees to help conserve energy.  


    District 211’s Purchasing Department is the central buying office responsible for making general purchases of products and services required by all departments within the District 211 organization.

    The Purchasing Department provides services to all District 211 schools and departments by planning, organizing and directing purchasing activities in accordance with federal, state and local laws; Board Policies; and administrative procedures governing purchasing. The Director of Purchasing secures the goods necessary for the operation of District 211.

    Public Auctions

    D211 posts items on the Public Surplus website for auction.

    Facilities Operations Department
    1750 South Roselle Road
    Palatine, IL  60067